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We help to sell to enterprise accounts as well as mid-size sector.


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ABM Solutions Overview

Main concerns
b2b marketers are facing

We do our best to help you deal with typical scenarios.
35% of marketing executives can’t connect marketing with revenue
Ineffective lead acquisition, high bounce rates, no idea what channels and attribution models work. As a result, a low number of marketing / sales qualified leads.
75% of b2b companies admit sales and marketing are not aligned
Departments compete with each other, have no consistent action plan and responsibility matrix.
Only 2% of prospects agree to meet after a cold acquisition attempt
Cold calling does not work. Sales events and industry fairs are not so effective. Word of mouth and references channels are limited.
Every fourth company suffers from unclear USP and dumping
Prospects do not understand your product value, miss target messages and unique selling points. As a result, negotiations are price-centric.


Max result for limited resources
The key principle of our approach is to invest limited marketing budget right to specific target accounts both prospect and current ones with max financial impact (cashflow | pipeline, etc.).
Project-based team
Our team members are involved only on a project basis with specific goals. We have no hidden costs and generic solutions. We value your time and money. For every project, we strive to do more than promised.
Coordination is a two-way street
We need just one contact person who can make decisions from your end, full access to data, and enough budget / time period to generate first results.
Being an outsourcing b2b marketing agency, our mission is to serve you as an internal department with a deep understanding of your business needs and help you to achieve agreed KPIs.
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