We know how to build inbound channels and communicate with b2b accounts
IT (software, apps, SAAS, PAAS, IAAS), e-commerce, banking, finance and consulting services

B2B and Account-based marketing

Focus on key target accounts


B2B marketing agency

Concentrate activities on key target accounts and build inbound channels


B2B marketing

  • Inbound and outbound marketing
  • Account-based marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Traffic channels management: SEO/PPC/CPA etc.
  • Market research
  • Lead generation
  • Growth hacking
  • Product marketing
  • PR and Social media
  • Competetive benchmarking
  • Comprehesive web analytics

Technologies we support

Benefits of our approach

We do our best when you dealing with such typical b2b marketing or sales issues scenarios.

  • Marketing investments with predictable results
  • Marketing and Sales will work as one team
  • We know effective methods to save current and attract new customers
  • No more cost competition and price dumping
  • Continuous Growth Hacking

The ineffective lead acquisition, high bounce rates, no idea what channels and attribution models work. As a result, a low number of marketing / sales qualified leads

35% of marketing executives can’t connect marketing with a revenue


Marketing investments with predictable results in profit

Departments compete with each other, no mutual action plan and responsibility matrix

75% of b2b companies admit sales and marketing are not aligned


Marketing and Sales will work as one team

Cold calling does not work. Sales events and industry fairs are not so effective. Word of mouth and references channels are limited

Only 2% of prospects agree to meet after a cold acquisition attempt


We know other effective methods to save current and attract new customers

Prospects do not understand product value, miss your target messages and unique selling points. In result, negotiations are absolutely price-centric

Each fourth company suffers from unclear USP and price competitive factors


No more cost competition and price dumping

With a growing number of b2b marketing tools and services, it gets difficult to connect campaigns data (CAC) and business objectives (LTV, EBIT)

Hubspot analytics revealed that 44% companies looking for marketing automation software


Marketing automation is not a panacea, but must-have for today’s marketing

Marketers spend hours to search new growth hacking techniques on the web with no result

B2B Growth Hacking is one of the hottest topics in CMOs target priorities next years


Continuous Growth Hacking

Marketing plan for b2b startups

Constantly working with start-ups we have in stack the actionable plan to generate first sales and pass the Death Valley successfully

Solutions – how we do it

Account-based b2b marketing


Align sales and marketing activities


We analyze previous sales experience and existing demand, formulate hypothesizes for business development directions


Identify buyer personas and define b2b customer cycle value and stages. Align marketing and sales qualified criteria (MQL, SQL)


Establish target accounts lists and business objectives, define pipeline and gather initial info on qualified criteria and score accounts


Max score accounts get obtained in detailed info on company structure, potential demand and decision-makers stakeholders

Personalize b2b marketing – control sales cycle velocity and increase number of closed deals

Personalize b2b marketing – control sales cycle velocity and increase number of closed deals


Develop a dedicated marketing plan for a client (segment). Prepare content matrix and advertising materials


Implement in-depth digital analytic system, define KPIs and integrate external services


Start b2b advertising campaigns across various channels with low budgets, deploy inbound and outbound marketing


Process results, review and expand the campaigns, scale efforts towards missing points


Sales – your turn

Growth Hacking

Continuous growth hacking process with a focus on industry best practices

Monitoring objects: industry leaders, best practices, competitors, influences or hot topics

Directions: product-specific, general digital tools, automation

Monitoring coverage: online and social media, industry influences blogs and newsletters

KPIs: growth rate potential and implementation cost (timeline and HR resources)


Being outsourcing b2b marketing agency our mission is to serve you as internal department achieving peak results with detail-oriented approach

Being outsourcing b2b agency our mission is to serve you as internal marketing department

  • Focus on key opportunities
  • Project team approach
  • Team-work

Focus on key opportunities

The aim of our approach is to direct limited marketing budget to specific target accounts both prospect and current clients. We prefer overall business metrics to individual campaigns KPIs

Project team approach

Our team members are involved only on a project basis with specific goals. We have no hidden costs and generic solutions. We value your time and money. During every project, we try to do more than promised


To achieve peak results we need just one contact person who can make decisions from your end, full access to data and enough time period.

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